The Future Looks Bright.

Scholarship Winners 2017-2018

RMA is proud to support the next generation of bankers and is pleased to reveal the 2018 scholarship recipients. New this year is the William F. Githens Scholarship, named for RMA’s former CEO. Githens, who retired at the end of the 2017, launched the RMA Foundation to attract the best and brightest talent to the financial industry. The Githens Scholarship was awarded to two of this year's most promising scholarship candidates, who demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and commitment to the financial services industry.

William F. Githens Scholarship

Macey Noon Texas A&M University

Sam P. O'Brien​ University of Massachusetts Boston

The RMA Foundation Scholarship

We are proud to present this year's RMA Scholars, who are recipients of The RMA Foundation Scholarship.

Dylan M. Anders Youngstown State University

Benjamin O. Arinze Drexel University

Jake Ashworth Bethel University

Chandler Ayala Texas A&M University

Raphael S. Benchabbat Yeshiva University

Lacey M. Benz Bethel University

Mark Brewster Brigham Young University

Cassidy N. Card Saginaw Valley State University

Geoffrey Carter Westmont College

Max E. Cogswell Texas A&M University

Jared D. Cole Grand Valley State University

Jessica Collard University of Southern Maine

Connor Crowley Tulane University

Zachary M. Denny University of Iowa

Emily Dietzler University of Pittsburgh

James Dowdy University of Phoenix

Callen Duffy Iowa State University

Elaine Fang Princeton University

Rachel Feingold Boston University

Troy A. Gates Syracuse University

Dawit Gebresellassie University of Pennsylvania

Antasia D. Glenn University of Pennsylvania

Nidhi Gotgi University of Texas at Dallas

Zachary Grafe Texas A&M University

Madeline Hamiter Appalachian State University

Shannon E. Healy Iona College

Austin Hepburn Washington College

Edwin Herard University of Florida

Alexis D. Hill San Francisco State University

Jayson T. Hogland University of Oklahoma

Spencer Holmgren Brigham Young University

David Horowitz University of Maryland

Nicole Jablonski Bentley University

Steven T. Jeffries Youngstown State University

Zachery Jones Texas A&M University

Shane M. Kalin University of Nebraska Omaha

Dillon Klahn University of Wisconsin

Mackenzi Klein West Virginia University

John T. Kofmehl Iowa State University

John S. LeClercq University of Central Oklahoma

Jack W. Lee University of Colorado Boulder

Kayla C. Leland University of Maine

Jiahui Lin Northeastern University

Kristina A. Lynch Providence College

Jenny Ma Cornell University

Ryan M. Marasco Central Michigan University

Alexis Metts Xavier University

Shane Meyers University of Pennsylvania

Ryan P. Michener Temple University

Lawrence A. Nichols University of Arkansas

Andrew Omer Bryant University

Aman H. Patel Wayne State University

Tristan J. Petrauskas Carroll University

Sami Qubain University of Florida

Zoe A. Quigley Texas A&M University

Megan Riley University of California, Santa Barbara

David T. Rosenthal Baruch College

Anna Ruedinger University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Nishaat Rupani University of Texas at Dallas

Emily Salkin Temple University

Velka Sanchez DeSales University

Tarun Sangari Temple University

Barrett Sawyers Texas A&M University

Rachel A. Schow University of Minnesota

Julie Scully Bentley University

Cesar A. Segura Gonzalez University of Texas at Dallas

Thomas M. Simber  Rowan University

Christina E. Smith Bryan College: Dayton

Kimberlee A. Southwell Texas A&M University

Julia St. Germain Fairfield University

Jeffrey Stefanucci Texas A&M University

Jordyn Steinkritz University of Iowa

Joseph M. Stevens University of Minnesota

Cecilie N. Stevenson Colorado State University

Jordan A. Stout Mount Mercy University

Erik Svilich Portland State University

Kyle J. Thompson Grand Valley State University

Zara Tickner Wittenberg University

Yifulana Tuerxun California State University, Fullerton

Libby L. Unruh Oklahoma Baptist University

Michael Vitale Bentley University

Tamaya N. Walker  Appalachian State University

Emily Weiland Penn State University Park

Christopher J. Weisberg Texas A&M University

Audrey R. Wilhelmi Bismarck State College

Ethan C. Worthy Texas A&M University

Arthur W. Wright Bethune-Cookman University

Zeth A. Zientek Texas A&M University