Relies on Banks Like Yours

Relies on Banks Like Yours

Why should your bank participate?

As an RMA member, you automatically qualify to participate in the Annual Statement Studies submission process! Exchanging information and experiences with your peers is one of the many benefits of your membership, and likely a big reason why you became a part of our community of like-minded professionals. By submitting the financial statements of your bank's commercial loan customers, you are improving the quality of this year's Statement Studies for members, and for you and your bank, to utilize in performing business valuations on prospective businesses and industries.

The Annual Statement Studies is composed entirely of financial statements submitted through the voluntary cooperation of our members. The Annual Statement Studies contains composite financial data on all lines of business. Financial statements on each industry are shown in common size form and are accompanied by widely used ratios. Last year, participants submitted over 260,000 statements!

The Statement Studies data is only as good as the submissions we receive. The more submissions we receive from banks like yours, the better Statement Studies becomes, and the more useful it is for everyone.


We want to thank all of our 2020 Submitting Members for making it one of the best years.  We look forward to your continued support!

Your source for reliable benchmarking data for the past 100 years, and into the future! Become a part of RMA history by submitting today.