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The RMA Operational Risk Council determined it would be best to have a set of common operational risk management principles developed by the industry for the industry. This set of principles is practical and will resonate with any financial organization.


The RMA Operational Risk Management Framework accommodates scalability regardless of the size, scale, or complexity of your institution and serves as the foundation for the associated principles. Find out how each principle aligns with the framework and learn how you can create highly functional ORM programs.




This report discusses the following principles of RMA's Operational Risk Management Framework.:

  • Risk culture.
  • Risk appetite.
  • Communications.
  • Governance, policies, and procedures.
  • Risk identification and assessment.
  • Control environment.
  • Monitoring and reporting.
  • Quantification, measurement, and modeling.
  • Risk decision making.
  • Incentivizing behaviors.


Operational Risk Management Framework

Focus on Operational Risk Management

Operational risk management is a critical area in today's banking environment. 


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The RMA Operational Risk Council promotes sound practices in the management of operational risk in financial services institutions worldwide. It promotes understanding the causes, events, and effects of operational risk through the dissemination of sound risk management methods, tools, and materials.