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The RMA Journal

The RMA Journal is the award-winning magazine produced by The Risk Management Association. It is the only professional journal written by risk practitioners for risk practitioners.

A Message from our CEO

As president and CEO of the Risk Management Association, I am proud to be associated with a publication as valuable and respected as The RMA Journal. If you are not already a regular reader, I encourage you to see for yourself why risk practitioners swear by it—and why it is a consistent winner of the APEX Award for Publishing Excellence. The experience is better than ever thanks to the clean, modern design of  the just-updated digital edition. For viewing on a mobile device, visit the AmazonApple, or Google app stores to download the Journal app today. Happy reading—and learning!  

Nancy Foster, President & CEO, The Risk Management Association

The Journal is like an old friend that regularly shows up and teaches me new facts, reinforces important habits, and challenges me to learn new skills by introducing new ideas.

Robert Messer

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, American National Bank of Texas

Praise for an Indispensable Asset

Industry practitioners talk about what The RMA Journal means to them.

The RMA Journal is requisite reading for board members and executives of financial institutions because of the practical insights and perspectives provided on the critical risk issues. The thought pieces are technically accurate, timely, and forward-leaning. I use The RMA Journal as a research tool whenever confronted with particularly troublesome matters of risk in the boardroom.

Dean Yoost

Retired Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Member of the Board of Directors of MUFG Union Bank and Pacific Life Insurance Company, Advisory Board Member of American Honda Finance Corporation 

The depth and longevity of The RMA Journal make it, by far, the best resource for risk management in the banking industry. I have relied on The RMA Journal for my entire tenure as a commercial lending professional and as an executive manager of my community bank. Earlier in my career, it provided articles that were instrumental in my education as a credit professional. I have found that I now look for articles pertaining to risk identification and credit risk management. I often pass along issues to my CEO that contain articles on operational risk, cyber risk, and M&A activity.

Sarah Cowan

Senior Vice President & Chief Credit Officer, National Bank of Middlebury

The Journal is like an old friend that regularly shows up and teaches me new facts, reinforces important habits, and challenges me to learn new skills by introducing new ideas.

Robert Messer

Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, American National Bank of Texas

I’ve always looked forward to getting The RMA Journal to read real stories on how counterparts and peers solve complex problems, specifically in the operational and enterprise risk management space.

Spyro Karetsos

Head of Enterprise Risk Services, TD Ameritrade

For a banker, there's no other resource like it. The Journal covers the full spectrum of risk and addresses subjects of interest to bankers at all levels of the organization. I've learned that, no matter who I've talked to or where they worked, The RMA Journal is the one periodical that everyone in lending and credit risk is familiar with. I can't count the number of times over the years that I've been handed an article from the Journal as a learning tool. I was once given a Journal article written more than fifty years earlier, and it was still relevant! 

John Cassis, CRC

Retired Banker with roles in credit analysis and training, relationship management, credit administration, and special assets with SunTrust, Wachovia, and Wells Fargo

I began my banking career in 1980 as an analyst in North Carolina National Bank’s credit department. On my first day, our manager ran through his checklist of “to do’s” for the new want-to-be bankers. Near the top of the list was a team visit to the corner of the floor where the bank kept its RMA Journal “library.” We were instructed in no uncertain terms that The RMA Journal was to be our first source for industry lending instruction and disciplined credit practices. Ever since I have viewed the Journal in the same light. It remains my go-to source for the best in bank risk management analysis.

Richard J. Parsons

Former Executive Vice President and Corporate Operational Risk Executive, Bank of America

Over the course of my banking career, the Journal and its predecessors have been the lone, consistent, educational source on banking subjects, topics, and issues. While other periodicals come and go, the Journal continues to plug away with quality and relevant articles. I’ve also incorporated its articles into training presentations on credit analysis, commercial lending, and related risk management topics. The Journal has been a faithful companion, like Silver to the Lone Ranger or Trigger to Roy Rogers.

Dev Strischek

Retired Senior Vice President and Senior Credit Policy Officer, SunTrust Bank

The RMA Journal is a great resource to dive deeper on specific topics and to learn from the experiences of others. There have been so many times where the latest Journal hits my desk and the cover story is about a topic on which I had just had a discussion with one of my colleagues. It is absolutely relevant for the work we do as risk professionals.

Helga Houston

Chief Risk Officer, Huntington National Bank

The RMA Journal is one of the finest publications available for bankers. It is a great resource for me because it publishes articles on the very latest and most important developments affecting credit and the U.S. banking industry.

Michael L. Weissman

Counsel to the Chicago Law Firm of Levin & Ginsburg Ltd.

The Journal has done great work in being a thought leader, staying relevant, and offering a stage to many talented commercial bankers and other financial services professionals. I’ve used The RMA Journal articles to share ideas with my commercial banking peers as well as clients.

D. Neil Berdiev

Managing Partner and Co-founder, DNB Advisory LLC

The RMA Journal delivers unbiased content and timely information, written by industry experts and practitioners. As a bona fide “.org,” its mission, independence, and focus make it a uniquely valuable resource. I’m proud to be a regular contributor!

Linda Tuck Chapman

President, Ontala Performance Solutions



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