Welcome to GCOR VIII

The current operating environment has made it imperative for banks to strengthen their internal controls and governance processes and has created heightened awareness of the importance of operational risk management.

Sound corporate and operational risk governance processes are central to planning, prioritizing, and allocating resources effectively in the current operating environment.

New products and services may present unfamiliar risks for which some banks may lack the requisite expertise, management information systems, and appropriate risk controls, while increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, expanding reliance on technology, and changing regulatory requirements are heightening operational risk and strategic risk for community and midsize banks, as they adapt business models to respond to slow economic growth, historically low interest rates, intensified competitive pressures, and uncertainty about regulatory changes.

Sold out for the past two years, RMA’s Governance, Compliance, and Operational Risk Conference (GCOR VIII) is the only conference of its type developed by practitioners for practitioners and features plenary panels and sessions designed to help you better understand emerging operational risks and best practices in governance and compliance.