Guide the financial service industry’s engagement with and adoption of new technologies while acting as an advocate for best practices. The Committee will be responsible for reviewing, understanding the practical application, implementation framework, and governance of emerging technologies in core financial service areas. This includes but not exhaustive of Trading, Collateral Management, Funding, Lending, Clearance, and Settlement. The Committee’s goal is to further reduce risk and facilitate efficient financial markets through the understanding, leveraging and implementation of these technologies. The Committee will accomplish this goal through the creation of a forum, and ultimately a community, where members can understand these technologies, their application, and risks, and formulate and drive standards to lower the barrier of entry for members. 

Industry Engagement

The RMA Financial Technology & Automation Committee plans to engage industry participants globally on topics related to emerging technologies. The group has identified four main vehicles to drive industry engagement and participation:

  1. Development of thought leadership:
    • Industry standards
    • Best practices
    • White papers
  2. Conferences and training
  3. Surveys
  4. Working groups to address operational issues


Initial Committee Agenda Topics

  • Distribute Ledger Technology/Blockchain
  • Advanced Algorithms: Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning/etc.
  • Robotics
  • New Platforms/microstructure connectivity
  • Quantum
  • Low-code offerings