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Connect with working professionals and gain real world experience.

RMA’s chapters and the RMA Xchange offer countless opportunities to get involved and engage with industry professionals. The connections you make today can be instrumental in your job search and throughout your entire career.

Apply for a scholarship through The Risk Management Association (RMA) Foundation Scholarship Program

The Risk Management Association (RMA) is pleased to offer scholarships to students in an undergraduate program who are interested in working in the banking industry after graduation.


RMA’s 115 active North American chapters provide organized communities that foster professional growth, educational opportunities, and peer networking among its members. Chapter volunteers reach out to all risk management professionals in its community to create vibrant, friendly, and professional relationships between those individuals.

Many chapters also provide mentorship opportunities. You can use the Chapter Locator to see what activities and events are offered from your local chapter.

General membership meetingsRegular chapter meetings and events which promote professional networking. Networking eventsMeet and get to know your peers in the industry. Educational eventsOpen enrollment educational programs and locally- developed courses. Round tablesA forum for risk management professionals to exchange ideas and information about industry best practices. Scholarships Affinity group meetingsYoung Professionals, Compliance, Women in Banking Charity EventsOpportunities for coordinated community service that benefits the financial and social needs of the community. University activitiesLocal educational opportunities through informative speakers and educators. Internship Programs


Internship Programs
General membership meetings

Regular chapter meetings and events which  promote professional networking.

Networking events

Meet and get to know your  peers in the industry.

Educational events

Open enrollment educational programs  and locally- developed courses.

Round tables

A forum for risk management  professionals to exchange  ideas and information about  industry best practices.

Affinity group meetings

Young Professionals, Compliance,  Women in Banking

Charity Events

Opportunities for coordinated  community service that benefits  the financial and social needs of  the community.

University activities

Local educational opportunities  through informative speakers  and educators.


The Members Forum on the RMA Xchange is an exclusive online community where over 18,000 RMA members can engage in real-time discussions and share information.

Your student membership gives you access to the forum where you can learn firsthand about the real issues bankers are facing today and how they manage them. You can also:

  • Make connections with professionals working in the field.

  • Post questions – get answers for research papers.

  • Stay up to date on industry changes.

Visit community.rmahq.org, log in, and select RMA Member Forum under the Communities tab to follow along.