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Apply for a scholarship through The Risk Management Association (RMA) Foundation Scholarship Program

The Risk Management Association (RMA) is pleased to offer scholarships to students in an undergraduate program who are interested in working in the banking industry after graduation.


An understanding of banking in the real world goes beyond classroom training and can better prepare you for working in the industry after graduation. The experience you can gain as a bank intern can give you better insight as to what a career in banking is like.

Internship Seekers

The RMA Career Center is free to all internship seekers and provides students with access to the best employers and internships in the financial services industry.


If you don’t see any internship postings after clicking on the Internships button above, you can check for postings on many of our member institutions’ websites.

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With over 18,000 Associate members, The RMA Career Center offers the most targeted advertising for your financial services job and internship openings. (Internship postings are free to RMA member institutions, Internship Posting Instructions)


Read bankers' experiences with RMA's internship program

“Our banks have seen a very positive impact from the RMA Credit Essentials course at Texas A&M. Students felt they were well-prepared to contribute during their internships because they understood how to analyze financial statements. We are very pleased that we added the course to our curriculum, and believe it will be an important foundational piece going forward.”
Steve York, Group Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Division, Broadway Bank & Texas A&M Banking Program Advisory Board Member

“Our intern came into her internship with a deeper and more expansive understanding of financial analysis and accounting than we typically see from the recent college graduates we hire because of RMA's Credit Essentials course. Our interns are assigned a project of managing and completing an analytical review of the bank's critical third party vendors. She was effectively able to identify and mitigate risks associated with these companies. In addition, her technical writing skills were the best we have seen from an intern or new hire. Overall, her polish and professionalism helped make the loan officers comfortable with bringing her along to meet customers on calls. We've since offered her a full-time position.”
Matthew Newman, Senior Vice President, Regional Credit Officer, Broadway Bank