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How Your Institution Can Get Involved

Apply for a scholarship through The Risk Management Association (RMA) Foundation Scholarship Program

The Risk Management Association (RMA) is pleased to offer scholarships to students in an undergraduate program who are interested in working in the banking industry after graduation.


RMA can help your bank support the next generation of bankers.



Make opportunities available to students who have an interest in a banking career. Not sure how to start an internship program?
Download RMA’s guide.

Download RMA's Guide
  • Post your internships on the RMA Career Center, a free service for RMA member institutions.

  • Partner with local universities and advertise your bank’s internships within their career center.


Recruitment Opportunities

View the list of colleges and universities that offer RMA’s commercial credit risk analysis course. Recent graduates who have completed this course have a comprehension of essential credit risk skills which distinguishes them from other job candidates.

See the names of past RMA Foundation Scholarship winners. These potential job candidates have been identified as leaders among their peers and have proven that they have what it takes to pursue a career in banking.

RMA’s Credit Essentials Certificate

Additionally, RMA offers students an opportunity to validate their knowledge and skills on a variety of credit risk analysis topics with the Credit Essentials Certificate exam.

RMA offers FREE course support to students who need to address the skills covered in the exam, but cannot do so because their university does not have a course on that subject.

RMA is making its online course content available for FREE to student members who are in need of materials to supplement their curriculum.

For more information about the Credit Essentials Certificate, please read our in-depth brochure.

Banking 101 Web Seminar Series

RMA's Banking 101 series can help students learn about the industry and build a fundamental knowledge about banking. The series can be used in a classroom setting and covers topics such as banking products and services as well as the regulatory system.

Banking 101 Recorded Seminars

RMA's Academic Membership

As an academic professional, you are dedicated to providing young people with the tools they need to build a brighter future. Becoming an RMA academic member increases your ability to do that with access to our member-driven resources and the latest industry information.