100 Years of RMA

Is it possible to accurately and beautifully display a 100-year history in a frame? It is if you are artist Lawrence Romorini. Romorini and his studio worked with RMA to choose almost 200 pieces of memorabilia that he then used to tell the story of our organization in a one-of-a-kind work of art. The piece was created as a decagon, representing the 10 decades of RMA and reminiscent of the round tables for which we are so well known. The finished piece will reside in Philadelphia, but we want to share it with you here. Not only can you see and appreciate the full work, you can enlarge each of the miniaturized items for a closer look. Beginning with the bust of Robert Morris at the top and moving counter clockwise, the viewer can follow the story of RMA, 100 years in the making.


Throughout the centennial year, everyone can enjoy the art by using the interactive artwork on this microsite. But we also wanted to give people an opportunity to view and appreciate the artwork “live” on several occasions. The grand unveiling happened at the Annual Conference, November 17-19, 2013 in Philadelphia with much fanfare. The artwork was then brought to RMA Headquarters as its permanent home for members, staff, and visitors to enjoy. 

RMA 2013 Annual Risk Management Conference

The grand unveiling occurred at this year’s Annual Conference, accompanied by lights and special effects, and a few words from artist Lawrence Romorini. More than 500 people were present for the “reveal” at the Philadelphia Marriott and were later able to see the artwork up close and personal in RMA’s exhibit hall during the three-day event.


RMA Headquarters, Philadelphia

Prior to the grand unveiling of the artwork at the Annual Conference, RMA headquarters’ staff in Philadelphia had a sneak preview of the masterpiece. After the Annual Conference unveiling, the art was moved to its permanent home in RMA headquarters’ main reception area.